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July 5, 2015 EDT
Kris Freeman Results At 2014 Winter Olympics In Sochi

Kris Freeman Results At 2014 Winter Olympics In Sochi

The news is in for type 1 diabetic, Kris Freeman’s Results in the Cross-Country Men’s Skiathalon at the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

He came in 54th place.  It took him 1:14:34.6, which, was only 6 minutes and 19.2 seconds behind gold medal winner Dario Cologna from Switzerland who completed the event in 1:08:15.4.kris freeman 2014 olympics

But Dario Cologna is not a type 1 diabetic,  Kris Freeman is.

For Kris Freeman to complete the most grueling event with type 1 diabetes is just amazing to me.  To be able to control your sugars for that long, at altitude, with that much physical activity in a competitive atmosphere is truly an inspiration to myself and all type 1 diabetics out there.

To pick this event, a 30k cross-country ski course–18.6 miles on skies as a type 1 diabetic is brave in itself.

Kris Freeman could have been a snowboarder, or done downhill skiing–both events are completed in under 2 minutes.  That would be logical.  I’m sure that we as type 1 diabetics can keep our sugars under control for that duration of time.

However,  to take to this event, and compete against the best in the world really shows that there is no reason why as type 1 diabetics we can do anything.

Sure it will be harder than it is for most people.

It’s going to take expert control and a lot of math… but it can be done.

Kris Freeman doesn’t live scared.

Thanks, Kris Freeman, for proving that the impossible is possible and becoming an inspiration for all of us type 1 diabetics.

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